Sunday, September 24th 2023
NOTE: Our safety escorts have made the difficult decision to recommend we cancel the ride portion of our event on Sunday to ensure everyone’s safety.
Our volunteers, sponsors, and vendors have all worked very hard to ensure we have space both inside and under the tent outside to ensure all our riders, warriors, vendors, and guests still have an enjoyable day.
Please stop by and pick up your tshirts, grab a bite, and check out our offerings: 50/50, tricky trays, vendors, music and camaraderie for a great benefit.
This is a police-escorted, scenic motorcycle ride from Brown & Lynch American Legion through Lehigh Valley – we’ll head toward Blue Mountain and go through a covered bridge.

Please register to come out and support the cause. The proceeds help the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.


To engage the public in events created to raise publicity and education for Pediatric Brain Tumors and manage events to fundraise for Tumor Organizations.

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